Since its official launch in 1998, our association has successfully contributed many events, and has rendered many great endeavors not only to Alma Mater of Ananda, but also to the whole nation, making the field of Astronomy more and more popular in Sri Lanka. Thus from its inception, Anandian Astronomical Association has become one of the few leading Astronomical Associations in Sri Lanka.

We are proud to mention that we were the pioneers at school-based astronomy by organizing the “SIR ARTHUR C. CLARKE CHALLENGE TROPHY” Interschool Astronomy Quiz Competition, initiating in year 2001. Thus we have been continuing this episode integrally and annually in order to promote and enlighten Sri Lankan Astronomy. In year 2006, when we marked the 6th anniversary of the quiz on 27th of November under the theme “Astronomical Expropriation of Exquisite Explication”, we were capable of expanding our aura beyond possible limits. Hence our attempt to etch Interschool Astronomy Quiz Competition a major event in the astronomy calendar of Sri Lanka has been feasible along with the participation of a great many school students and accredited personnel.

Therefore, we deserve being proud as a school astronomical association for, we are regularly and weekly continuing a series of lectures for improvement of astronomical intellectual of our members as well.

Anandian Astronomical Association is famous for organizing OBSERVATION CAMPS which many schools have been reluctant to implement because of the outstanding organizing ability needed. We are proud to note that we have organized two camps named OBSERVATION CAMP 2003 and THE MARS APPROACHES OBSERVATION CAMP, which were memorable nights to all the amateur participants and veterans as well. We are glad to highlight that THE MARS APPROACHES OBSERVATION CAMP was able to capture a lifetime experience, Martian approach, occurring once a 40,000 years, thus being extremely productive to all the stargazers, took part.

And it is with great gratification that we recall the memories of “STAR PARTY” to be internationally recognized as the school-based pioneers of Observational Competition in South Asia as embarked in 2004. STAR PARTY observation competition has become another event in our calendar with a difference, as it is an affiliated project with The Astronomy Club of Mahamaya Girls School Kandy. Last year this was held on the 02nd of March at Peradeniya University Grounds with a large amount of circulation of schools, island-wide and was a grand success. The venue was same ever since the 2004 unveiling, providing the ideal surrounding and evident nature.

This is more than enough to show our perfection of the ANANDIAN ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION. Our Association, which created its reputation, its own path, and its own destiny as genuine Anandians do, has always been outstanding and excelling. Both our superiority and excellence has never been challenged nor matched.




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  1. Will the quiz competition be held in 2014. And how can we participate to it?

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